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News > Zarif: Iran, Iranians still proud

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Zarif: Iran, Iranians still proud

Iran and Iranians in spite of all disloyalties, criticisms and pressures, remain to be superior, Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said.

"Iranians are increasingly advancing in all areas and their livelihood is getting better and better," Zarif said, addressing a conference of Iranian Association of Surgeons in Tehran on Tuesday.

Now the world bows its head before the great people of Iran and addresses the nation with honor and dignity and US President Donald Trump publicly announces that Washington has fallen short of achieving even a single goal it was after regarding the nuclear agreement and the regional countries, on the other hand, say they are not capable of entering any competition with Iran because of the nuclear deal also known as Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), Zarif said.

The foreign minister went on to praise the great role played by the Iranian people in representing big achievements.

"They are the people that by relying on them, any government would be able to display its authority and rationality," Zarif said.

Irans top diplomat also touched on the first days of President Hassan Rouhanis government and the dire economic and political conditions during first months of the government four years ago.

We took the office in a situation that people were under the pressure of crippling Western-imposed sanctions and when negotiations used to bear almost no results but further embargos, he said.

Zarif also pointed to the May 19 presidential and city and village councils elections and said the people should be allowed to determine their fate.

Lets accept peoples crucial role and allow them to decide their fate again, Zarif said.


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