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News > Main points of Interview of Dr.Nazar Ahari with ISNA

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Main points of Interview of Dr.Nazar Ahari with ISNA

Japan has expressed readiness for transfer of nuclear technology to Iran, said Iranian Ambassador to Japan Reza Nazar-Ahari.

Japan can also cooperate with Iran in anti-earthquake architecture and protecting nuclear power plants against natural disasters, he told ISNA.

He added that the two countries can also work in environment, health, sanitation and nuclear energy as well as railroad cooperation. “Because Japan holds the world’s top technology in express trains.”

He further said Iran is the safest Middle Eastern country for providing the world’s energy. “Japanese officials have always stressed that Iran is the safest place for energy supply due to deep developments. The first condition for investment is safety of a country.”

He also said that Iran’s geopolitical situation can turn it into a place for joint production by Iran and Japan.

“We (Iran and Japan) can export joint products to neighboring countries and find a market with 200.000.000 population,” Nazarahari said.

The Iranian ambassador also referred to development infrastructures in Iran and said Japan needs infrastructures such as factories and skilled and educated workers if it needs to establish a company in a country for production or cooperation. “But it only needs investment to start working in Iran.” He said that the infrastructures are available in terms of human resources and even hardware.

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