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News > Islamic Republic of Iran’s Health Minister’s lecture in Iran-Japan Medical Business Seminar

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Islamic Republic of Iran’s Health Minister’s lecture in Iran-Japan Medical Business Seminar

Dr. Hassan Ghazizadeh Hashemi, Iranian health minister, delivered a lecture at the “Iran-Japan Medical Business Seminar” than was held at the Japan External Trade Organization headquarters in Tokyo, with the presence of more than 100 representatives of Japanese companies, on Tuesday 24th February 2015.  Referring to the priority of health issue in president Rouhani’s programs, he said: “according to president’s pledge, 9 million people who lacked insurance are already insured and now all the people of Iran benefit from insurance.”  The minister also referred to the need of importing around 4 billion of drugs in a year, in spite of local production.  He pointed out that government has $800 million plan to import medical equipments for 570 hospitals across the country.  The main requirement for this kind of imports is transfer of technology.  Considering the advancement of science in Iran, the grounds for technology transfer is ready.


Elsewhere in his remarks the minister commented on low share of Japan in the Iranian market over the past years, saying that exercising excessive caution is the reason behind the low share. He added that Western companies have replaced the Japanese firms in Iranian market. Dr. Ghazizadeh Hashemi said that after the signing of the Geneva agreement, part of Iranian assets in Japan was released through cooperation of ministry of foreign affairs of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Ministry of Economic, Trade & Industry of Japan for humanitarian purchases.  3 Japanese big banks are participating in this mechanism for facilitating transactions with our non-Japanese trade partners.  We believe that Japanese firms can utilize the potentials for trade with Iran.


Dr. Dinarvand, deputy minister of health and head of the Food and Drug Organization and Dr. Ghanei, head of the Pasteur Institute of Iran explained the market of medicine and medical equipments as well as regulations of the entry of foreign companies into this market.

At the outset of the seminar Mr. Hiroyuki Ishige, chairman of JETRO delivered a short speech on Iran-Japan trade ties and pointed to the support of his country for the presence of Japanese firms in Iranian market.


Mention should be made that Dr. Ghazizadeh Hashemi accompanied by a delegation arrived to Japan on Sunday 22nd Feb. 2015 to meet his Japanese counterpart and sign a memorandum of cooperation of the two countries in health sector and departed for Tehran on Tuesday night. 


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