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News > Iran National Day, celebrating 36th Anniversary of Islamic Republic of Iran

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Iran National Day, celebrating 36th Anniversary of Islamic Republic of Iran

Greetings of H.E. Mr. Tsukasa UEMURA

Honorable Director of the Middle Eastern and African Bureau of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan

On the Occasion of celebrating 36th Anniversary of Islamic Republic of Iran


H.E. Dr. Nazarahari

Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran

Distinguished guests


On the occasion of 36th Anniversary of the victory of the Islamic Revolution of Iran, I would like to say a few words.


H.E. Ambassador Nazarahari talked about the killing of the two Japanese nationals, Mr. Yukawa & Mr. Goto and extended the condolences of the government & people of Iran.  I thank you very much.  I also extend my gratitude to the Ambassadors of other Islamic countries, who expressed their condolences on this tragic incident as it was mentioned by Ambassador of Iran.


As it was noted by H.E.Dr. Nazarahari, Islam and extremism are completely two different things and the Japanese are aware of that.  As Prime Minister Abe mentioned in his speech in Cairo, “Moderation is the best policy”.  In other words, for the peace & security of the Middle East and also for prosperity of everyone moderations is a must, not the extremism.  Thinking in this way, we want to overcome the tragic death of our two citizens and emphasize the Japanese government supports international community to combat terrorism through non-military means and endeavors for peace & prosperity in the Middle East.


It goes without saying, that Iran is a powerful country in the region, Iranian and Japanese nations historical interactions span more than 1000 years.  Iran plays a great role for regional stability, peace and we will continue our cooperations with Iran for peace & security of the Middle East.


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